Magna will look to enhance its automated driving capabilities by joining NorthStar – a 5G innovation program for industrial enterprises run by Telia Sweden and Ericsson. As part of the agreement, the two companies have built a dedicated, private 5G network at Magna’s test track located in Vårgårda, Sweden, where new vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) connectivity solutions will be trialed.

Through NorthStar, Magna will have access to 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) technology that enables low latency gigabit speeds, and enhanced connectivity for new ADAS trials. This technology also enables and supports ongoing research into joint sensing and communication systems.

Magna’s test track will feature the 5G network – delivering gigabit data speeds and ultra-low latency. Leveraging the 26 GHz frequency band and 400 MHz bandwidth, this network will play a key role in the company’s driving automation and driver support systems that rely on real-time data from vehicle sensors. NorthStar’s 5G network is powered by Ericsson dual-mode 5G Core, which connects to Telia’s existing public 5G network. This interconnectivity will enable Magna to benefit from high-speed connectivity across large geographical areas.