Smart Eye, a developer of AI-based driver monitoring technology, announced that its premium Driver Monitoring System (DMS) software will be included in the new Volvo EX90, the latest all-electric SUV from Volvo Cars. The DMS plays a key role in the EV’s Driver Understanding System (DUS), which will provide a deeper understanding of the state of the driver to help enhance traffic safety.

In the EX90, Volvo Cars is both introducing and standardizing a DUS, which combines a dual camera interior monitoring system with a capacitive steering wheel. Powered by Smart Eye’s advanced AI algorithms, which are capable of analyzing driver eye, face, head, and body movements, the system enables a deeper understanding on the state of all vehicle occupants, with an emphasis on the driver. Here, the system monitors the driver’s eye patterns for any signs that they are not entirely concentrated on the driving task.

The integration of Smart Eye’s system will allow the Volvo EX90 to warn the driver, and act when necessary, while remaining non-intrusive if the driver does not need assistance.