WeRide, an L4 autonomous driving technology company, has obtained two key AV permits from the Land Transport Authority of Singapore.

The permits obtained are the Milestone Testing Regime Level 1 License for Autonomous Vehicles on Public Roads, referred to as the M1 license, and the T1 Assessment License for AVs on Public Paths, referred to as the T1 License. Through these licenses, the company’s Robobus AV can begin conducting tests on a larger scale along public roads in Singapore, covering areas such as One North and the National University of Singapore.

The assessment to achieve the M1 License covers various autonomy-related objectives, including basic autonomous driving functions, static obstacle recognition, dynamic obstacle avoidance, redundancy in vehicle control by safety driver, overall vehicle safety performance and more. OEMs looking to obtain the license for their AVs must complete these tasks within test facilities that replicate common urban road traffic scenarios found in Singapore.

WeRide’s obtainment of the licenses follows the signing of strategic cooperation agreements with two Singaporean companies, Woodlands Transport Services and EZ Buzz, to expand its network of local partners. In the future, the company will continue to launch its autonomous driving technology, products, and services in more countries and regions, with the goal of enhancing urban living through this combined offering.