Innoviz Technologies and the BMW Group have announced plans to expand their collaboration through the beginning of a B-sample development phase on a new generation of LiDAR. Under its new development agreement with BMW, Innoviz will develop these B-Samples based on InnovizTwo, its second-generation LiDAR sensor.

Following its work with the OEM on an existing partnership, that will include the first deployment of LiDAR-enabled automated technology on the new BMW 7 Series, the companies will shift their focus to the next generation of this technology, starting with the first B-sample phase. The outcome of this phase will enable the BMW Group to decide on a serial development agreement with Innoviz that will focus on bringing a new automated capabilities to more vehicles in the BMW lineup.

Another goal of the phase is to develop a LiDAR based Minimal Risk Maneuver (MRM) system in the future. The MRM acts as a secondary safety driving decision platform that will leverage the InnovizTwo LiDAR’s performance capabilities to manage real-time driving decisions. The MRM system is part of a growing software suite from Innoviz that will also include its next-generation perception software.