Unex, a provider of V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) systems, and NoTraffic, an autonomous traffic management platform which solves today’s traffic challenges while paving the road for connected and autonomous era, are cooperating on integrating V2X with Smart Traffic Management Platform. The AI and computing sensors equipped platform by NoTraffic integrated with Unex’s SOM-301, which provides traffic optimization and information exchange between infrastructure and vehicles through Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) communications.

Based on Autotalks’ CRATON2/PLUTON2 global V2X chipset capable of DSRC and C-V2X, Unex’s SOM-301 is a self-contained System-on-Module that integrates V2X essential hardware and software components and features Unex’s V2Xcast technology. V2Xcast is an integrated modular framework which provides V2X communication and supports V2X application deployment with flexibility and scalability. In this case, the self-contained V2X System-on-Module enables V2X application on Smart Traffic Management Platform.

NoTraffic provides an autonomous traffic management platform that integrates the edge computing line-of-sight sensors such as camera and radar to collect data with access to its cloud-based dashboard, and uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to identify and track all road users to mitigate traffic impact. When SOM-301 integrated with NoTraffic’s platform, the solution is capable of identifying various road users and communicate this information using DSRC or C-V2X to oncoming vehicles. Further, the role for V2X is 360-degree non-line-of-sight sensing that can exchange safety messages between infrastructure and vehicles. Vehicles will alert drivers and, in the future, automatically brake to avoid accidents during an emergency. V2X together with AI algorithms, both technologies enable traffic optimization by cutting congestion, reducing emissions and preventing accidents.