Hesai Technology has announced that it will supply its LiDAR systems to the FAW Group for use in a next-generation model launched under the Hongqi vehicle brand. The announcement comes as part of a new design win for the company that marks both its first win for its ultra-thin long-range ET25 LiDAR, and its first series production program involving an in-cabin LiDAR solution. The program is expected to begin mass production and delivery by the first half of 2025.

Hesai said that the FAW Group lent its technical experience and R&D capabilities to the collaboration, playing a key role in the integration and optimization of the in-cabin LiDAR solution. The FAW Group itself will officially unveil the solution at its forthcoming innovation technology conference.

The ET25 sensor is Hesai’s first ultra-thin long-range LiDAR designed for ADAS series production vehicles. Its compact form factor, measuring 25 mm in height, allows it to be easily fitted behind the windshield. While keeping the LiDAR sensor dust and dirt-free, the in-cabin solution also works to improve aerodynamics. In leveraging Hesai’s high-performance transceiver module, the ET25 also offers a detection range of over 250 meters at 10% reflectivity – enabling smarter decision-making in complex road scenarios.