AutoX is launching grocery delivery partnering with e-commerce company GrubMarket and mobile store pilot in San Jose, CA, allowing public users to order and receive fresh produce and other goods delivered by AutoX self-driving cars. Arriving in time for the autumn harvest produce season, the new amenity will be available to customers in geo-fenced areas throughout the city.

Upon downloading the AutoX app, users can browse and order items including fresh perishables, vegetables, fruits, etc. and these groceries will be well preserved in a temperature-controlled environment throughout their driverless ride over.

AutoX’s Level 4 autonomous driving system places emphasis on inexpensive but high-resolution cameras as the primary sensor, rather than expensive LiDAR laser arrays and other costly sensors. AutoX’s high resolution camera sensing enables the AI to safely detect small objects such as kids and pets, and see farther ahead for longer distance compared to other autonomous driving technologies that heavily rely on LiDAR.

AutoX’s grocery delivery and mobile store pilot will roll out in two phases: the first pilot is in San Jose, with phase two expanding the pilot west to Mountain View and Palo Alto, with more delivery partners joining soon.

Source: AutoX