Vicinity Motor Corp., a supplier of commercial EVs, has announced a new partnership with automated driving software provider ADASTEC to develop an SAE L4 automated Vicinity Lighting EV bus for the North American market. Throughout their collaboration, the companies will put an emphasis on automated, connected, and shared solutions, driving innovation, accessibility, and sustainability.

The partnership unites Vicinity’s experiences in medium-duty, accessible, fully electrified low-floor transit vehicles with ADASTEC’s SAE Level-4 automated driving software platform, Together, the partners will look to greatly support the mobility sector and make a lasting impact on communities and passengers.

Vicinity and ADASTEC are likewise committed to driving innovation, accessibility, and sustainability within their partnership. Here, the partners share a vision to create advanced, environmentally friendly, transit solutions that integrate seamlessly into smart cities. This partnership is set to reshape the mobility industry, offering communities and passengers a more connected and sustainable urban future.