Oxa and eVersum, a provider of commercial EVs and passenger transport solutions, announced a new partnership to design, develop and produce shared autonomous passenger vehicles. The first AV to be produced through the partnership will be an autonomous eShuttle, designed for use in cities, that will be offered to public transport operators in Europe and the U.S..

The partnership will see eVersum produce autonomous-ready electric base vehicles that featuring Oxa Driver – Oxa’s autonomy software – as well as sensors and computing technology that will be integrated directly on the production line. The eShuttle will carry up to 20 seated passengers, offer a maximum capacity of 50 people (with standing), and operate as a low-noise, zero-emission EV intended for on-road and public transport applications.

In addition to its comfort features, such as kneeling-stop capabilities and flexible seating, the eShuttle is also equipped with advanced information system options that work to meet the needs of today’s transit operators. In combining their strengths, Oxa and eVersum aim to create a turnkey shuttle solution that offers safe, efficient, and reliable shared autonomous transportation options for the future, while helping transit operators reduce costs, improve safety, and extend service to previously inaccessible routes.

Through their partnership, the companies will look to address the growing need for better, more flexible, low-carbon public transport solutions – especially as urban populations grow and road congestion intensifies. The high costs of maintaining multi-route transit services, combined with persistent driver shortages, can lead to service cuts that affect communities and vulnerable groups. In resolving these problems, Oxa and eVersum will encourage transit operators to adopt their autonomous eShuttles, helping operators sustain routes and timetables that are increasingly cost prohibitive, while addressing congestion and emission reduction targets.

Oxa and eVersum are currently working towards an initial deployment of the eShuttles (featuring Oxa Driver) in the UK, with more details on this pilot to be announced later this year.