Liftango, a shared mobility solutions provider, and May Mobility, an AV technology developer have announced a new partnership to create demand-responsive transportation solutions through AV microtransit.

The collaboration will leverage Liftango’s shared mobility solutions and May Mobility’s AV fleet to optimize shared transit across cities and corporate campuses in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. Here, the companies will collaborate on demand-responsive scheduling and routing optimization for autonomous fleets as they aim to create a positive impact by developing a safe, inclusive transit system catering to each community’s specific needs.

The partnership will enable vehicles equipped with May Mobility’s autonomous driving technology to operate between both demand-responsive and fixed-route services through Liftango’s technology platform. The companies are similarly aiming to help transit agencies and commercial campuses deliver enhanced, more reliable transportation experiences. Their partnership will also make it easier to expand transport services to customers who currently don’t have access due to mobility issues, are located in a rural location, or are subject to reduced services in their area.